What is Your Brand’s Personality Archetype?

What is Your Brand’s Personality Archetype? was written by Andrea Drennen in

Your brand’s personality dictates how your brand is seen and remembered by your audience. If your brand were a person, what would its personality archetype be? 

Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology, defined 12 core archetypes that reflect the inner roadmap that we all follow. They describe who you are, what motivates you, and how you can motivate others. 

Marketers look to the Jungian personality archetypes to create a framework for how a brand presents itself. Doing so helps your brand: 

  • Better reflect your ideals and values
  • Present a consistent visual identity
  • Create consistent messaging that speaks to your audience
  • Better align with your clients’ needs, wants and hidden desires

We applied these Jungian personality types to community association service providers to help you understand who your brand is — or who you want it to be!

The Innocent

(aka Idealist, Believer, Cheerleader)

The Innocent brand is pure, following a strong set of beliefs upon which their faith is unwavering. The innocent brand can plow through barriers put up by red tape and cultural expectations because their ideals tell them what is right, even when it’s not so clear to others. They tell the truth even if it’s unflattering to them. They don’t take shortcuts or step into gray areas just because everyone else is doing it.

The innocent is their clients’ biggest cheerleader. They motivate their clients to have trust that things will turn out well in the end, if they only persevere. As a result, the Innocent brand is trusted and loved by their clients. 

Innocent brands can be perceived as goody-goody, but woe unto you if you step over that line even a little bit. Your competitors are watching you for the slightest misstep, and they will make sure EVERYONE hears how you are not as true to your ideals as you say you are.

The Everyman

(aka Realist, Egalitarian, Survivor)

The Everyman company knows where their customers are because they’ve been there too. Inclusive and open, the Everyman company cultivates a sense of belonging. All are welcomed, and all work together to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. The Everyman brand isn’t out to impress, they just want to help their clients to be an agent in their success. 

As a realist, the Everyman brand is not afraid to confront hard situations or ‘face the facts. The Everyman is willing to put in the hard work to help their clients overcome adversity, and encourages their clients to be a part of their community and celebrate their successes together.

Beware of getting too far removed from your customers. If they feel you have developed airs of superiority or they feel left out of the group, they will lose their belief in your company.

The Ruler

(aka Leader, Orchestrater, Peacemaker)

The Ruler is a company that leads and others follow. Rulers speak authoritatively and present a polished, sophisticated image. They are strong, confident and in control of every situation. Ruler brands excel when they can help to bring order to chaos. 

The Ruler is not afraid to leverage their power and influence on their clients’ behalf. They are good at motivating others to match their high standards, and they love the opportunity of a challenge to help create a positive outcome for their clients.

Beware of your rigidity. If you allow your business to get bogged down in policies or procedures, your very need for order can create its own version of chaos that could be your downfall.

The Rebel

(aka Revolutionary, Outlaw, Reformist)

The Rebel brand is an antihero. Their goal is to disrupt the status quo, and uproot the evils of cynicism, conformity and repression. Never tell the Rebel ‘This is how we’ve always done things.’ You’re guaranteed to have a new way to do it tomorrow. Rebel brands are not afraid to push the envelope when it comes to new technologies or reforming processes. For the Rebel brand, good enough is not good enough, they always strive to be better.

The Rebel is an advocate for change to help their clients better themselves. The Rebel brand is not afraid to challenge the client to let go of old systems, processes or habits that may be causing them harm. The Rebel brand envisions a better future for their clients, and challenges the client to see that vision become a reality.

Rebels are agents of chaos because they understand that from chaos comes order, and change is a healthy way to challenge societal ‘rules’. But beware of change for the sake of change, or a non-stop flow of changes. Both your team and your clients need a chance to settle into a new process and get the flow of it before they are ready to be uprooted again. Showing them the reasoning and logic behind your changes will also help to get their buy-in before their lives are disrupted.

The Hero

(aka Warrior, Competitor, Savior)

Hero brands are the champion of the little people. Whenever a prospective client feels stepped on, victimized or underestimated, the Hero company swoops in and saves the day. Hero brands are confident and competitive, working harder to be the best, and inspiring the best in others.

Hero brands are disciplined and focused. They thrive when given an opportunity to challenge the odds, and they work best for clients when given a goal or objectives to work toward.

Saving a new client earns a lot of goodwill and praise, but don’t move on to the next battle and forget the battles you won in the past. You need to keep fighting for your existing clients to prove every day that you are their Hero. Luckily, not every battle is a big one. Even something as small as introducing new efficiencies or saving a client some time will be hailed as a win.

The Caregiver

(aka Nurturer, Advocate, Altruist)

Caregivers are nurturing and compassionate. They work hard to make sure their clients feel secure and well-cared for. Caregiver brands strive to provide consistent, high-quality service, so their customers can grow and thrive.

Caregiver brands work to form an emotional connection with their clients, They are a strong advocate for their clients, addressing their needs with empathy and kindness. The caregiver is always available to provide the client with counsel and support.

Caregivers thrive when taking care of others, but you must learn to delegate! Your bleeding heart can cause you to take on more than you have the resources to afford, resulting in burnout or worse. Place value on your work and charge for what you do, and your clients will appreciate that you can continue to be there for them in the future.

The Sage

(aka Analyst, Thinker, Teacher)

The Sage brand is wise, a seeker of knowledge. The Sage brand is a teacher, They have accumulated a lot of knowledge in their quest to understand the industry, and they are eager to share. The Sage brand is experienced in their field, so is not often surprised when crazy things happen. Sage brand clients feel safe and secure because they know the Sage will explore all angles of any situation before they attempt to do anything that may affect their clients.

A thinker and a planner, the Sage brand does not make decisions quickly, but you can rest assured that if a decision has been made, every angle has been explored and researched so that there are no surprises or disruptions to the client. The sage brand is a thought-leader in the industry, and always open to new opportunities to share their gathered knowledge to help make the clients lives better.

Unfortunately, when the time to think and plan is taken away from the Sage brand, they tend to flail around. You can address this by making contingency plans in advance and evaluating emergencies after the fact to help you plan for the next one in advance.

The Jester

(aka Entertainer, Fool, Truth-Teller)

 The Jester brand knows that work is better (and goes faster) when you have a little fun doing it. Jesters aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves, or point out a funny situation. Jester brands share videos of office chair races, incorporate cheeky language into boring emails and forms, and engage their audience with amusing anecdotes and inside jokes. Customers of Jester brands feel comfortable because they feel included, like they are in on the joke.

The Jester brand does best when they can use their wit and cleverness to help a client succeed. Whether it is brainstorming or finding a new way around an obstacle, the Jester may offer an unconventional solution, but they will never tell a client ‘no’.

Laughter is the best medicine, but anything that is funny can also offend someone. Jester brands need to be aware of where the line is, and know when to stop, buckle down, and be serious. Staying true to brand is important, but the Jester brand needs to be clever enough to recognize the difference.

The Explorer

(aka Seeker, Trailblazer, Adventurer)

Explorer brands are bold and daring, and thrive on any opportunity to blaze a new trail. Seekers are more willing to embrace a new trend, or try a new technology. They are always on the lookout for the next great thing, and they are not afraid to tackle a new challenge.

Curious and motivated, Explorer brands encourage their clients to embark on a journey of discovery with them. Explorer clients respond well to learning new discoveries and hidden secrets that are newly revealed. For clients who want to stay on the cutting edge, the Explorer brand is the perfect partner.

Explorer brands are willing to boldly go where none have gone before, trying new ideas quickly, and discarding them just as quickly when they don’t pan out. Beware of giving your clients whiplash. They need to be on board for the adventure with you, not dragged along for the ride.

The Creator

(aka Visionary, Inventor, Dreamer) 

The Creator brand is a visionary that excels at creative thinking. Rather than seeking out a better way to do something, the creator will build a bespoke solution that perfectly fits their, and their clients needs. The Creator brand sees beauty in function and form, and is excited by any opportunity to push a new idea, system or process.

Creators have a vision of a better solution for their clients, and they have the drive to make it a reality. Creator companies want to inspire creativity and innovation in their clients, positioning themselves as the agent to unlock the client’s imagination. 

Pushing boundaries is great, but beware of your lack of follow-through, spending too long on getting it perfect, or taking on more than you can handle. If you can find a way to stay focused and make the boring parts creative too, you win.

The Lover

(aka Intimate, Harmonizer, Seducer)

Lover brands seek to form a sense of intimacy with their clients – to make their clients feel special. The Lover brand’s clients are more than just customers, they are friends, family, partners. These close and lasting emotional ties bind the Lover brand to their clients. The Lover brand is passionate about what they do, and they will enthusiastically share their sense of wonder with their clients. 

The Lover brand sees potential in their clients and works to give them the freedom and security to realize that potential. Lover brands place harmony above all things. They are the peacemakers, seeking to replace petty drama with passion and enthusiasm to achieve something greater than the sum of its parts.

Because of the close personal ties Lover brands form with their clients, your instinct will be to go far above and beyond for them. Remember that you are still a business at the end of the day, and your clients will make business decisions even if it goes against their heart. The same goes for you! You need to make decisions that are in the best interest of your business, so that you will still be around to love on your clients in the long run.

The Magician

(aka Visionary, Wizard, Catalyst)

Magicians are visionaries that create solutions out of chaos and discord. Henry Ford once said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” The Magician brand looks at the client’s problems and envisions a car. Magicians think outside the box to solve problems clients didn’t even realize they were having, and turn the impossible into a reality.

Magician brands are able to conduct a transformative change for their clients. They empower their clients and themselves to devise win/win solutions. Clients may see magic, but the Magician brand works hard behind the curtain to pull off their vision.

When engaging customers, magicians listen for the problems and the roadblocks clients are having, not the actual thing they are asking for. While your instincts tell you to hold your cards close to your chest to wait for the big reveal, doing so can erode the client’s trust in you. Let them in on your process and they will be cheering your brilliance while you work to make the magic happen.

What’s Your Brand’s Archetype?

Want to find your archetype? Take the Brand Personality Quiz!

Regardless of your archetype, the community association industry can benefit from what you bring to the table. The key is to stay true to your brand and focus on attracting and keeping clients that match your brand’s personality. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, find the people who match your brand and you will have loyal customers for life!

If your brand is experiencing an identity crisis, Frontage Marketing Group can help! Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you align your brand with your dream clients to get you on track to grow and succeed!


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