Make Your Small Business Look Big

Ever wonder how those other companies do it? You've heard the stories - a small business (just like yours) with just a handful of employees, manages to attract the attention of the world, make a ton of money, attract investors and grow like crazy in no time flat.
A business needs more than just a great product or service to achieve that kind of success, and not everyone can get onto Shark Tank. So what's their secret?
They faked it.
Yep. It's just like those old western towns. Families would roll up to the main street in their covered wagon with whatever goods they managed to bring with them from the East Coast, and they would open up a business. To make their tiny little storefront look impressive, they put up a false front (or a Frontage - wink, wink) to fool the townsfolk into thinking they were big-time. And that strategy still works today. Only the Wild West is now called the Internet, and the main street in that Western town is now called Google.
Frontage Marketing Group is dedicated to helping small to mid-sized businesses create a robust online front so that the world will see you as big-time. We do it by using the same marketing playbook the big boys use, combined with your unique story and the wagon-full of subject knowledge you're carrying around in your head.
This is real marketing, for small businesses who want to look big.

Our Founder

Hi. I am Andrea Drennen. I have over 20 years of experience running a marketing team, managing websites, and crafting and implementing Inbound Marketing strategies for small to mid-sized business just like yours. I've worn all the hats, so I know what you're going through. You wouldn't be here if you had all the answers (or the time) to do it all on your own. Here's what I bring to the table:

I am passionate about marketing, and have the strategic vision to help you find your right audience, craft your best story and create perfectly targeted content to bring those two together.

My background as a certified technology trainer means I am good at finding the words to explain the strategies we craft so that you (or your team) can easily reproduce them in the future.

My history in design and publishing means that you're not limited to just what I can do to help online. I can help you take the branding and messaging strategy we craft together to create beautiful, professional looking assets for trade shows, gifts, handouts, publications, etc.

My experience as a niche industry writer in community association management allows me to help you find and create content with the perfect voice, tone and message to connect you and your business with your dream client.

Whew! Feels like I am just talking about me up in here! Lets talk about you. Seriously. You and your business are the real stars of this show. I am just here to help you make it happen faster. Let's talk about what we can do together.