Not Just Another Redesign – Why You Need a Purpose-Driven Website

Not Just Another Redesign – Why You Need a Purpose-Driven Website was written by Andrea Drennen in

Many of the organizations I meet with start with a familiar problem. They know that their website is not helping to meet the organization’s goals, but they don’t understand why.

They look at the design and say it’s unattractive or the load time is slow or the technology is outdated. And all of those are things that can help improve a website. But if people are not coming to your website today, dressing up what you have isn’t going to give you the results you need. Sadly, we are not Kevin Costner, and the Internet is not the Field of Dreams, and building it, doesn’t necessarily mean that they will come.

Are You Aiming for the Wrong End of the Funnel?

The problem that these organizations have is that they are focused on conversion – that is the people that perform the action that aligns with their goals, like purchasing a product, or making a donation. But smaller organizations generally aren’t bringing in enough traffic for conversion to matter. The average lead conversion rate for most small organizations is only half a percent. Even a good conversion rate is generally in the single digits. But increasing the number of people who come to the site, especially if those are the RIGHT people who are motivated to get what you have to offer gives an exponential return.

Aiming For the Wrong End of the Marketing Funnel

You can worry about conversion rates later, when you have enough traffic for it to make a difference.

Are You Playing The Google Game?

So how do you get more of the ‘right’ eyes on your site? You have to go where your potential audience is. And in today’s economy, that’s Google. 68 percent of all website traffic initiates from a Google search. And 70 percent of those are just from the first 5 links on the Google search results page. That means it’s critical to have your site appear at the top of the search results page to pick up that traffic.

A website can win at Google by presenting content that is optimized to match the keyword phrases people are searching for, getting links to your content from other sites to increase your site’s reputation with Google, and formatting your content to align with Google’s properties like answer box and local listings.

Are You Playing The Google Game?

And that’s where we come in. At Frontage Marketing Group, we give you more than just a website. We give you a purpose-driven website that helps you meet your goals.

  • We work with you to develop a digital strategy that will establish and align with your goals
  • We do the research to help you position your site (perform an audit, work up persona segments, do keyword discovery, even call your customers)
  • We work with you to create a design that best communicates your brand and facilitates your content
  • We’ll develop your purpose-driven website using that research and analytics
  • We can write, design, and/or stage content either on an ongoing basis or for special marketing campaigns
  • We can provide you with the technologies that you need to successfully scale your operation
  • We won’t abandon you with your shiny new website. We will work with you on an ongoing basis to maintain and update it to keep it working for you

Are you interested in switching to a purpose-driven website for your organization? Click here to schedule your free consultation with Frontage Marketing Group. We will review your current website, and provide you with 3 action items you can use right away to improve your online presence, whether you choose to work with us or not.


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