CAM Marketing Montage May 2023

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The CAM Marketing Montage is your source for Community Association Marketing News. Each month we bring you a curated list of articles centered around a theme that is relevant to marketing to community associations. We like to think of it like a training montage in a movie, where you can learn a topic at an accelerated rate. Please enjoy!

The Customer Is Always…

…First. (Bet you thought this was going in a very different direction!) Being right or wrong isn’t terribly important if your customers and prospects are coming first. Prioritizing their needs to cultivate a winning customer experience is the way management companies get boards to say “Yes,” and that means first considering and focusing on what future customers need.

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Embracing EQ

Understanding is at the heart of everything. Empathy in CAM leadership is the foundation of understanding the struggles the industry faces and, by extension, the needs of your prospects. Win over future boards by prioritizing their needs.  

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Providing Guidance

Every future client is on a journey, whether they know it or not. Determining where an HOA board is in the buyer’s journey will help management companies like yours speak to their needs and offer winning solutions every time.

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A Balancing Act

There is no one-size-fits-all style of community association management–everyone has something to bring to the table. Playing to the strengths of your management team will help your team focus, first and foremost, on a positive client experience.

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Getting In Focus

Shifting to a Customer First approach can be challenging. Not everyone will have the exact same needs or know how to ask for help. Making the right strategic changes to the way you speak to board members can make a positive impact on your bottom line.

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