CAM Marketing Montage April 2023

Posted by Meigan Montoya on April 4, 2023 in

The CAM Marketing Montage is your source for Community Association Marketing News. Each month we bring you a curated list of articles centered around a theme that is relevant to marketing to community associations. We like to think of it like a training montage in a movie, where you can learn a topic at an accelerated rate. Please enjoy!

You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

Acquiring new clients is a key component of every business. But in the CAM industry, that can feel like trying to climb Everest. Where do you go to find prospects? How do you support new business when you get it? Can you compete with your current pricing model? Despite these challenges, finding and securing HOA boards is possible with the right marketing strategy, tools, and team at your side. 


If You Build It…

HOA boards will come. That’s not quite the saying, but it’s often true of the Inbound Marketing strategy. Reaching HOA decision-makers is challenging, but using the right marketing tactic can change everything.

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SmartProp APR Montage

Know Your Worth

Many HOA boards misunderstand the value of a management company. When you’re being compared to the pest guy, your pricing becomes difficult to justify. Visibly elevating your value with the right tools can change that.

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MPS APR Montage

Bend, Don’t Break

Getting new clients sounds great, but for many management companies, bandwidth is paper thin. By bringing in outside support, your team can bend to client needs without breaking down from exhaustion.

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The B2B Shake-Up

The CAM industry isn’t alone in its selling struggles–just look at Bed, Bath, & Beyond! The buyer journey has changed, and companies everywhere need to adapt before it’s too late. 

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